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Update 8.02 – New Features


  • Excel spreadsheets have been changed to Microsoft Office’s 2010 .xlsx format and can now also be opened with Open Office or Libre Office.
  • There is now no limit to the number of rows that can be displayed in an Excel extract.
  • All Excel extracts are now automatically saved on the user’s desktop in a PDFReps folder, so as to make the files easier to locate.
  • Final demand and overdue account letters can now be e-mailed from Clinic Manager.
  • A new Excel extract is available showing all patients in the hospital on a given day.
  • The iQest discontinued items file can now be imported into Clinic Manager (for help with this, please contact us).
  • If the iQest discontinued items file has been imported into Clinic Manager, the Stock Extract will display items that have been discontinued.
  • An error has been fixed preventing the day or month end continuing if the back-up fails. The day or month end will now stop automatically if a problem occurs in the back-up.
  • The Monthly Billing Analysis extract to Excel now displays a breakdown of each revenue centre into the different units.