Accounts with a zero balance should be archived at regular intervals in order to clear out and speed up the system.

The best time to run the archive procedure is after a month end as all users will already be logged out of the system.


The archive procedure can be performed by following the below instructions:

Click on System

Click on Periodic Procedures

Click on Archive Accounts

A window will appear indicating that the system will check for duplicate transactions.

There is no need to adjust the number in the box, simply click on All Transactions to continue.

Another window will appear asking the user to click OK to calculate the number of accounts to archive.

The system will now calculate how many zero balance accounts are available to archive and a window will appear notifying the user of this figure:

Click OK

The next window allows the user to manually enter the number of accounts they wish to archive in a single go.

This step is generally for hospitals that have thousands of zero balance accounts (they may not to wish to archive thousands of accounts in one go because of the time it will take to do so).

It should therefore not be necessary to adjust the number, since if an archive run is performed each month the number of accounts to archive at your facility should be relatively small.

Please note that all users be logged out of the system before clicking on Continue.

Click Continue and the archiving process will now commence.

When complete, a message will appear indicating as much.

A report will now be displayed listing all the accounts that have been placed in the archive. The user can then choose to either print the report, or save it as a PDF.


The easiest way to access the archive is by clicking on the following shortcut icon:

Alternatively, the archive can be accessed by following the below instructions:

Click on Patient

Click on Patient Enquiries and Reports

Click on Archive Accounts

Click on Account Enquiry

The above methods of accessing the archive are purely for look-up purposes (i.e. to find out patient details, what was billed to the account, etc.)


An account can be restored from the archive by following the below instructions:

Click on Patient

Click on Patient Enquiries and Reports

Click on Archived Accounts

Click on Restore Account

A browse will appear where the relevant patient can be selected.

Once the patient has been found, click on the Restore Account button.