Adding Suburbs

Increasingly clients are wanting statistics showing where their patients are coming from. In order for this to be accurate the suburb/town needs to be entered accurately during the admission process.

To aid with this process Clinic Manager can now store pre-entered list of suburbs to be selected during admission. This list can be maintained by the user and works in much the same way as the current list of doctor and medical aid lists on your system.

This feature also has a predictive text functionality that works in much the same way as the predictive text on your mobile phone. Just start typing in a suburb/town and a pop up will appear listing what Clinic Manager assumes you are typing.

What does this mean for you?

Well, for one thing it will increase the speed of admissions as staff will be able to select from a list rather than typing out words in full.

Another significant advantage for maintaining a suburb list is the ability for reports to be generated indicating the number of patients admitted into the facility from a specific area, which can be useful for stats purposes.

How does it work?

You can decide to continue exactly as you have done in the past and enter addresses in the fields proved on the admission screen:


When admitting a patient and entering an address, the user can now choose to either manually type in a suburb in the suburb field as before, or select the suburb from a list.

Naturally this will only work for suburbs that have been entered into your specific suburb code list. How to maintain this list will be outlined below.

Wait, I’ve started typing and something pops up!

You will notice that Clinic Manager will now track the letters that you type in, much like the predictive text on your mobile phone. What this means is that Clinic Manager will pop up a list of words it thinks you are trying to type.

So, for example, if you start typing in the word Athlone and hit the letters A  – T – H on your keyboard, the word Athlone will appear underneath the text box and allow you to select it, saving you the hassle of having to complete typing out the word in full.

How do I select a suburb from my list?

When doing an admission and entering an address, you will notice two icons next to the suburb box. They look like this:

Clicking on the  icon will display the full list of suburbs to choose from. You will notice a list of the five most recent suburbs used at the top.

The  icon displays the predicted word that Clinic Manager assumes you are typing in, allowing you to select it.

How do I add a new suburb to my list?

In order to add or remove suburbs/postal codes from your list, follow the below steps:

Click on the Patient menu

Click on Code File Maintenance

Click on Suburb Codes

A list will appear of all the suburbs currently on your system, along with their postal or box codes.

You can now either Insert a new suburb, Change an existing suburb or Delete a suburb from the list.

Clicking the Insert button will bring up a box allowing you to enter the suburb (along with an alternative name for the suburb), the street code and the box code.

Click the OK button and the suburb will be added to the list.