Batch Payments

Clinic Manager includes the ability to quickly and easily automatically import batch payments from medical aids to accounts, eliminating the need to capture payments manually.

The batch payment screen can be accessed via the following menu:

After clicking on the above menu option, the following screen will appear:

The above example shows three batches ready for importing. If the list is blank, there are not yet any batches waiting to be imported.

You will notice that in the example above, the MediKredit ERA button is RED.

This is because there are currently no batches waiting to be downloaded from MediKredit. If there are batches waiting to be downloaded, the button would be GREEN.

Click on the button if it is GREEN in order to download any available batches.

They will now appear in the list.

Before importing a batch, it is important to first check the batch to make sure all the expected payments are included, and that the amounts are correct.

This can be done by selecting a batch and clicking on the Print Batch button:

Once the printed list of payments contained in the batch has been checked and confirmed to be accurate, the batch can be posted.

This can be done by selecting the relevant batch and clicking on the Post Batch button:

The payments will now be automatically allocated to the respective accounts.

Note that unposted batches are displayed under the Unposted tab, while posted batches are moved to the Posted tab and will no longer display under the Unposted tab:

Manual payments that are not included in a batch can be posted via the usual Single Payments menu option:

If a manual payment has been put through, and the same payment has been included in a batch that was imported, the payment may appear on the account twice.

In cases such as these, one of the payments needs to be cancelled.

This can be done via the usual Cancel Adjustment or Payment menu option: