Billing Tariffs and Stock

In order to bill both tariff and stock items in Clinic Manager, the first thing you will have to do is navigate to the Tariff and Stock Billing window. You can do that by following these steps:

Click on the Patient menu (at the top of Clinic Manager)

Click on Patient Administration

Click on Patient Transactions

Click on Billing Transactions

Click on Tariff and Stock Billing

A browse will appear with a list of all patients, select the required patient from the list.

The Tariff and Stock Billing window will appear.

If you wish to bill a tariff, click on the Tariff Billing button (as seen below):

If you wish to bill an item of stock, click on the Stock Billing button (as seen below):

You will notice that when you click either of these buttons, new options appear at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the Tariff Code you would like to bill in the box provided, or alternatively click on the  icon in order to pull up a list of all tariff codes available for you to choose from.

Once you have entered (or selected) a tariff, it will now prompt you to enter a Service Date, a Description (which will automatically be filled in), a Quantity (how many you wish to bill at once), and an Amount.

All of these fields are editable.

If you adjust the quantity and press the TAB key on the keyboard (or click somewhere else on the screen), the amount will automatically adjust. For example, if you bill a tariff with 1 as the quantity for R1500, if you change the quantity to 2 and press TAB, the amount will automatically jump to R3000.

The Theatre No and Sheet No are not required in order to bill, but if you have these details they should be entered. The Location, however, is a mandatory field and this must be selected in order for the billing to proceed.

When you are happy with the details entered, simply click the Add button at the bottom to add this tariff to your billing list.

If you make a mistake and wish to remove a billed tariff from your list, simply click the Delete Tran. button and it will be removed.

When finished, click the Save transactions and exit button.

If you are unhappy with the billing and wish to start over (or if you simply want to go back to the previous screen), click the Quit without saving button.

You have now successfully billed a tariff code.

Stock billing works in much the same way, but instead of clicking on the Tariff Billing button, you would click on the Stock Billing button: