Capturing a Payment

In order to capture a payment in Clinic Manager, the following steps must be followed:

Click on the Patient menu at the top of the Clinic Manager screen

Click on the Patient Administration menu option

Click on the Patient Transactions menu option

Click on the Payment Transactions menu option

Click on Single Payments

The single payment window will open.

Select the patient from the list provided in order to capture a payment.

Fill in the required information.

Select the Payment Method from the drop down list provided.

Indicate whether the payment is from a patient or from a medical aid.

Before clicking on OK, make sure to tick the Print a Receipt?” box if you would like a receipt (it will be sent to the printer once the payment has been captured).

Please note that the Receipt Number (see below) is automatically generated by the system. If you would like to insert a unique receipt number, it can be entered in the space provided and will override the one provided by the system.