Patient Confirmation

Clinic Manager provides a complete case management browse (referred to as Patient Confirmation) that allows for patient authorisation details to be captured, and updates/requests to be sent to medical aids.

The Patient Confirmation browse displays the relevant patient details a case manager may need for ease of reference.

In order to access the case management browse, follow the steps below:

Click on Patient

Click on Patient Administration

Click on Patient Details

Click on Enter Patient Confirmation

Select the patient from the browse that appears and click the Change button.

The Patient Confirmation browse will appear.

You will notice certain patient information displayed at the top of the browse, such as the reference number, name, date of birth, medical aid details, etc. This is included for ease of reference and to prevent case managers from having to leave this browse in order to find this information.

Inserting an Authorisation Number

In order to insert a new authorisation number, click on the Insert button.

A small browse will appear allowing you to enter various information relating to a patient’s authorisation.

This includes the authorisation number, the authorisation date, the contact at the medical aid that issued the authorisation, the number of days that the patient was confirmed for, and the amount that they were confirmed for.

Only the authorisation date is mandatory when entering an authorisation.

You can insert multiple authorisation numbers using the Insert button (i.e. if the patient receives another authorisation number during their stay, you can insert the new number by clicking the Insert button and entering the details).

Changing an Authorisation Number

In order to change an authorisation number, click on the Change button.

This will allow you to edit an authorisation number that has already been entered previously.

Deleting an Authorisation Number

In order to change an authorisation number, click on the Delete button.

This will allow you to delete an authorisation number that has already been entered previously.

Browsing to a Website

The Browser button will allow case managers to open the website of a specific medical aid should they need to check patient information online.

When clicking the button, a web browser will open with a drop-down list of websites to choose from. Users are not able to enter addresses in the address field.

If you would like an address added to your list please contact us and we will add it for you.

Email Confirmation

In order to send an update, authorisation, or escalation e-mail to the medical aid, click on the Email Confirmation button.

The following screen will appear:

Choosing what type of e-mail to send

Select the type of request you wish to send to the medical aid by clicking one of the following buttons:

The e-mail address of the medical aid should automatically appear in the Email To field. If it does not you can manually enter it, or alternatively contact us and we will add the case management e-mail address to that medical aid on your system.

A copy of the e-mail that is sent will automatically be sent to the person sending (so the case manager will get a copy of the e-mail).

Any additional comments can be added in the Comments field, and the necessary information can be captured by navigating to the various tabs.

For example, medication that has been billed can be entered under the Medication tab.

When you are ready for the e-mail to be sent, click the Send button.

Resend Email

In order to resend an e-mail that either did not reach the recipient or that needs to be sent again, or if you would like to send an e-mail already sent to another recipient, click the Resend Email button.

View Email

In order to view the contents of an e-mail without sending it, click the View Email button.

Changing an Authorisation Status

Case managers can indicate whether no authorisation has been obtained, whether an authorisation was provided on admission, or whether an authorisation number has been confirmed by updating the status of the authorisation. This can be done be selecting one of the following options:


The Patient Confirmation browse includes a number of shortcuts to other parts of the program for ease of access. This allows case managers to work quicker, without the hassle of having to close screens and navigating to others.

Case managers can also insert/edit CPT, ICD and diagnosis codes by clicking on the following shortcuts:

Closing Patient Confirmation

When finished, you can close the Patient Confirmation browse by clicking on the Close button.