Room and Board

If you would like to add a ward rate to an account, adjust the days billed or check on, you can access the Room and Board browse by clicking on the below shortcut icon:

Alternatively, you can follow the below instructions to navigate to the Room and Board menu option:

Click on Patient

Click on Patient Administration

Click on Patient Transactions

Click on Bed Transactions

Click on Room and Board

A browse will appear with a full list of patients.

Select your patient from the list and the Room and Board browse will appear.

The date and time that the patient was admitted will be displayed in the Admission Date and Admission Time boxes.

If the patient has been discharged, the date and time of the discharge will be displayed in the Discharge Date and Discharge Time boxes.

The system will not allow an account to be released unless the Days Stayed and the Days Charged match.

This avoids the possibility of charging a patient for more days than they actually stayed, or for undercharging.

The history of the patient’s stay is displayed in the central box:

The history will begin with the admission of the patient (it will list the date and time of the admission as well as the bed and ward rate that the patient was placed on when they were admitted) and will then show each time the patient was transferred and the ward rate changed, and finally the discharge of the patient.

Below is an example of what the patient stay history could look like:

The ward rates billed to the account are displayed in the bottom box:

Ward rates are billed automatically each time a day end is run but they can also be inserted manually by a user.

How do I bill a ward rate?

If you would like to insert a new ward rate, simply follow the below steps:

Click the Insert button

The screen will now be highlighted like so:

If you know the ward rate code you wish to bill, type it in. Alternatively hit the ENTER button on your keyboard and a list of all available ward rates for the specific medical aid that the patient is on will be displayed.

Select the correct ward rate from the list.

Once you have selected the ward rate you wish to bill, it will be displayed with the correct code and description. In the example below, the General with Overnight ward rate has billed with code 0001:

Enter the number of days you wish to bill this ward rate for under the New Days column and press the ENTER button.

The system will automatically pull the correct daily rate based on the medical aid that the patient is on. This will be displayed in the New Rate column.

If you wish to change the rate that the system automatically produces, you can do so by double-clicking in the New Rate column and manually typing in a ward rate of your choosing.

When finished, click OK

The system will automatically calculate the balance of the account based on the number of days entered and the amount of the ward rate.

How do I change a ward rate that has already been billed?

In order to change a ward rate has already been billed, simply highlight the ward rate you wish to alter and press the Change button:

You will now be able to change the number of days you wish to bill the ward rate for by changing the number under New Days, or change the amount of the ward rate by changing the number under New Rate.

How do I remove a ward rate?

The only way to remove a ward rate that has already been billed is to press the Change button and manually set the New Days and New Rate to zero.

What if I don’t want to charge a patient for the same amount of days that they stayed?

Since the system requires the days stayed and the days charged to balance, a common question we receive is what to do in a situation where the patient may not be charged for all the days that they stayed (for example, if the patient was not in the facility over a weekend but returned on the Monday).

In this instance a No Charge ward rate can be billed for the number of days that the patient does not need to pay for. This will increase the Days Charged but not the actual balance of the account.

To bill a No Charge ward rate, follow the steps in the How do I bill a ward rate? section above and select No Charge from the list of available ward rates. If you do not see No Charge in the list, call our office and we will add it for you.