Day End Procedure

A day end must be run on the system every day.

The running of day ends is crucial for three reasons:

  1. A day is billed automatically for all bedded patients when a day end is run.
  2. A back-up is performed, ensuring all work done up to that point is saved.
  3. Any changes made by the NHN to tariffs or ward rates are uploaded during the day end.


The day end can be run by following the below instructions:

Click on System

Click on Periodic Procedures

Click on Day End Procedure

A screen will appear with a warning that no other users must be logged on.

This is important because if people are billing (for example) while the back-up is happening, it will no longer be accurate.

When the user is ready to proceed, they can type DAY.END in the box provided and click OK.

A list of users currently logged into the system will appear.

Only proceed if no other users are logged in.

There may be some instances where a certain staff member has forgotten to close down Clinic Manager before leaving for the day. If you are certain that this is the case and that they are definitely not working, you may proceed with the day end.

Click Close to proceed.

A message will appear asking if you still want to continue.

Click Yes to proceed.

It is very important not to close the three black windows that will appear during the back-up process. They will close automatically.

When the back-up is complete, a message will appear informing you as much and will ask if you wish to continue with the day end.

Click Yes to proceed.

The day end will now run and the user can press OK once complete.


The day end can only be run once each day (the system will not allow you to run it more than once).

However, if the day end was not run for some reason – perhaps by mistake or because no one was able to run the day end over a weekend – it is possible to run more than one day end in order “catch up”.

When a day end is run the system records the date at the time the day is run.

So, if a user runs a day end on the 9th November, for example, they will not be able to run another day end until the date ticks over to the 10th of November.

What if a user comes in on a Monday morning and wants to run day ends for Saturday and Sunday?

The system will have the date for the last day end set to whenever the last day end was run – in this case most likely the Friday before the weekend.

It will therefore allow the user to run a day end right away (because it is no longer Friday).

We can think of this first day end as being the day end that we missed on Saturday.

The problem is that now that a day end has been run, the date for the last day end will be changed to the current date (and will therefore not allow you to run a second day end).

In order to fix this, the user must change the date of the last day end in the system. They can do this by following the below instructions:

Click on System

Click on Edit System Parameters

Click on the General 1 tab

Change the date next to Last Day End Run on

The user can then put in whatever Saturday’s date was.

The system will now assume a day was run on Saturday and will allow the user to run another day end right away.

The user can now run another day end and repeat the process above, except changing the date to Sunday’s date.

The system will now assume a day end was run on Sunday and the user can then run another day (for Monday) that afternoon as normal.

The same process will apply if a user has forgotten to run a day end and now wants to run two days end in a row.