Stock Ordering

In order to create a pharmacy stock order via Clinic Manager, the following steps must be followed in order:

1. Click on the Pharmacy menu

2. Click on Pharmacy Orders

3. Click on Pharmacy Orders

The following screen will appear, displaying a list of previously-created order (it may be blank if no order have ever been created):

In order to create a new order, click the Insert button:

Alternatively, to change the details of an existing order, click on the Change button:

When creating a new order, the following screen will appear after the Insert button has been pressed:

Starting from the top, fill in the required fields including the Order No, the supplier (which can be chosen by clicking on the icon with three dots), the Order Date and Delivery Date, the References for your own purposes and that of the supplier, and any additional comments that need to be included.

When the details have been entered, navigate to the Order Details tab at the top of the screen.

On the screen that appears, select a stock item to order by clicking on the icon with three dots.

The description of the stock item, along with the total number of the item in stock and the pack sizes available, will be displayed in the fields below.

The pricing associated with the item will also be displayed, but this is purely for information purposes and should not be adjusted.

Enter the pack size to be ordered, along with the quantity of packs to be ordered:

When the selections have been made, click on the Add to Order button:

Once you have completed your order, click on the OK button to save.

You will now be taken back to the order list screen.

Select your order from the list and either e-mail it directly to the supplier, or print it out by clicking on one of the following icons: