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ERConsult Telemed

ER Consulting Inc. is the largest private emergency medicine practice in Africa. Their HPCSA registered doctors are qualified and experienced at treating emergency department patients and have been professionally trained to offer consultations via telephonic or video calls.

Why choose ERConsult?

Emergency Medicine Training

Our training partner, AIEM (The Africa Institute of Emergency Medicine) offers a bouquet of training courses to medical professionals, as well as to the public. Visit their website to book a course today.

Understanding the ER

Wait times and Triage

The complexity of managing waiting times can be challenging. Increased waiting times can be caused by factors such as seasonality, surge periods, and severity.To handle the sudden influx of patients, we have a second on-call system that gets activated. A senior on call is also available to provide logistical support.

Billing Codes Explained

Hospitals provide the facility, equipment, nursing and administration in an emergency unit. The hospital will always charge you a “Facility Fee” when you use an emergency unit over and above the doctor’s fees The doctors are by an outsourced doctor group (ER Consulting Inc). Specialists are not employed by the hospital either (including X-ray and Pathology Services).

Understanding your Treatment

Emergencies can be overwhelming. You might be concerned about your or your loved one’s condition and it can be difficult to pay attention to all the information given to you. Doctors and nurses frequently use medical language that can be confusing.