Product Features

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Clinic Manager boasts an extensive array of features perfect for your facility. These features have been developed in conjunction with leading experts in the field to ensure ease of use and efficiency. The following is just a sample of what Clinic Manager has to offer.

Clinic Manager boasts full credit control functionality.

Clinic Manager provides a full billing system allowing for ward rates, tariffs and payments to be applied to accounts with ease.

Clinic Manager allows for both standard admissions and preadmissions, making the process quick and easy.

Case management controls allow the sending of update, authorisation and account e-mails to medical aids through Clinic Manager.

Clinic Manager is fully integrated with EDI vendors MediKredit and SWITCH, allowing for real-time claim submissions and responses.

Manage your patients with ease with our patient management system. All details pertaining to a patient can be captured (either during or post admission) and documents and webcam pictures can be attached to the patient profile.

Clinic Manager provides a full quoting system. Quotes can be printed or e-mailed.

Clinic Manager boasts numerous SMS and e-mail functionality, allowing for messages or documents to be sent to patients, staff or doctors upon admission (or at any time during a patient’s stay). Need a survey sent out after a patient is discharged? Not a problem.

Over 300 different reports let you track Age Analysis, Credit Control, Audit Trails, Debtor’s Control, Billing Analysis, Fixed Fee vs Fee for Service Analysis, Patient Stay Analysis and more.

Clinic Manager provides a full pharmacy system allowing for the receiving of stock, the management of stock, the issuing of stock, as well as a full stocktake module.

We maintain and update tariff changes as provided by the NHN, ensuring your facility is always up-to-date with the latest negotiated prices.

Have control over truant patients with our full bad debt management system. Our blacklist facility allows patients that still owe money to be blocked from re-admission.

Our automated back-up system ensures your data is always up-to-date and secure.

Clinic Manager is fully integrated with both iQest and Medprax to allow daily automated stock price updates, ensuring your facility is always charging the correct amount for any stock issued.

Our robust security system is fully compliant with the POPI Act and allows for multi-factor authentication, ensuring your data is protected at all times. Parts of the system can also be restricted for certain users, ensuring that each department or staff member at your facility can only access the functionality related to their daily tasks.

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