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Clinic Manager ® is packed with features that cover all aspects of clinic and hospital management. Here are just a few examples:

  • Send out e-mail to doctors with admission form
  • Send out SMS to doctors when patient has arrived at facility
  • Patient’s photograph can be taken (if a webcam is connected to the admission PC) and kept on file
  • Pop up messages with notes for medical aid plans can be displayed so admission clerks can be aware of any special considerations that need to be conveyed to the patients as they are admitted
  • Pre-admissions can be saved, and payments for pre-admissions can be taken which will reflect on the patient’s account when they have been admitted
  • Full quoting system
  • Full automated integration with EDI vendors SWITCH and MediKredit
  • Blacklist facility allows patients that still owe money to be blocked from re-admission
  • Full bad debt system for maintaining control over truant patients
  • Credit control management system
  • Credit control letters and SMSs can be automated through the system
  • Case management controls allow the sending of update, authorisation and account e-mails to medical aids through Clinic Manager
  • Automated payment updates from ERA files
  • Over 300 different reports let you track Age Analysis, Credit Control, Audit Trails, Debtor’s Control, Billing Analysis, Fixed Fee vs Fee for Service Analysis, Patient Stay Analysis and more
  • Automated NHN tariff fee updates on 1st January (and throughout the year as and when the NHN send out new prices sheets)
  • Daily and monthly backups
  • Full cloud integration (no medical information is stored on the cloud)
  • Full pharmacy system
  • Automated stock price updates using the iQest or MedPrax files
  • Statement runs can send out e-mails with PDFs instead of post
  • SMSs can also be sent out for birthday notifications, late payment notifications, admission details, etc.
  • On discharge, patient surveys can be automatically sent for patient feedback
  • Facility for a security login message on all logins
  • Full security system that can restrict access to parts of the system from certain users
  • Month end can be run at any time during the month, and billing can be done and information captured at any time (even if month end has been run before the end of the month)

To enquire about a specific feature not mentioned here, please contact us.